Wednesday, August 22, 2012

30 things I did on my 30 day vacation:

over the last few years, I have racked up quite a bit of vacation time, so I thought that I would use it up all at once in one big chunk. it took a lot of coordination, planning, and help from an incredible volunteer team, and an amazing set of interns, but starting in late july, I took 30 days off in a row. it was the best vacation ever. here are 30 things that I did on my 30 day vacation:

1. I ran. A lot.

I’ve been wanting to become a runner for years, but I just needed the right tools and setting. I finally found it. Over my break I ran at the gym on the treadmill for about an hour a night, about 7.5 miles at a time, and about 1100 calories each time. I actually needed to do this because of #2…

2. I ate ice cream. A lot.

lately I have had a passion for ice cream. I’m pretty sure that I ate ice cream every day of my vacation; and everywhere I went. From baskin-robbins, to peggy sue’s to the boardwalk, I ate it and enjoyed it!

3. I went to Monterey with my family

we got to visit the aquarium, cannery row, bubba gump’s and the ghiradeli ice cream shop- again- more ice cream, calories, and reasons to go running!

4. I did a lot of work around the house- the DOLLHOUSE.
one of the things Jane and I like to do is make improvements on her beloved dollhouse. Over my break, we added a globe, a refrigerator, and new hardwood floors and tile in the bathroom!

5. I went hiking at Quicksilver-
there are miles of trail near my house that used to be home to the world’s riches mercury mine. I went hiking once with my friend Brandon, and another time as a part of a group with a park interpreter- who is a guide who can explain the history of the area. both times were a delight- and burned off lots of ice-cream-calories I’m sure.

6. I brought my mom over to San Jose-
we took her to all the places we thought she would like to see including the municipal rose garden and downtown Campbell-

7. Jane and I went to the tech museum

8. we all went to go see Mary Poppins- twice.
there was a showing in downtown Campbell and in los altos- both were outside- and we wore our hats to both!

9. we went to Gilroy gardens-

10. I worked on my verses-
on most mornings, I went out to vasona park to review my memory verses. in the 2nd half of my break I also learned Philippians.
11. we all went to Modesto to celebrate Deanna’ parents’ 40th wedding anniversary
we went to this place called John’s Incredible Pizza, which is like Chuck E. Cheese on steroids.

12. I helped my friend Niki get married!
and it was at Casa Grande in New Almaden, the old headquarters to the quicksilver mine.

13. I watched some boxing matches!
it was live at the HP pavilion with some friends from church- it was gnarly!

14. we went to San Francisco to the Exploratorium
and the the palace of fine arts- 

15. we celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary!
at the boardwalk!

16. Jane and I went to watch the San Jose Giants!
it was a crazy-hot day and we left early.

17. I worked.
I know. I met with the interns each week and I wrote a new series coming out later this fall-

18. Jane I went bowling-
and she got a spare!

19. we went to the Morgan hill aquatic center
which is a super cool place that has water slides, splashy areas, diving, swimming, etc.

20. we went to the Jelly Belly Factory!
we also went to the Nut Tree in Vacaville which is a place I used to love when I was Jane’s age- now its basically a shopping mall- 

21. we went to the children’s discovery museum

22. we went to the jungle-
which is a local indoor playground that we really love. we rode bumper cars and got really grossed out by all of the germs and drool.

23. we went to history san jose-
which is a super-cool museum that is really a bunch of old houses brought together to form an old neighborhood complete with an old school, firehouse, ice cream parlor, hotel and trolley train. we just happened to be there during a WWII celebration and there were hundreds of old vets there in their old uniforms and medals.

24. I read-
but not that much.

25. I went to church.
and this is not a small thing for a person who works at church. On a normal Sunday, I get into church late and leave right after the sermon to take care of everything for the ministry; but over my break, I got into church when it started, and stayed until the end. I dropped my daughter off at her class and picked her up when church was over. It was nice.

26. I made a toy for Jane.
Jane and I love to dream up and make our own toys for all of her dollhouse dolls. This is a giant slide for her dolls made out of pieces of gutter that we picked up at the hardware store. It gives me a sense of joy and accomplishment to hear her using her imagination and playing with a toy that I made for her.

27. we did a lot of 3-D time-
at my house, sometimes Jane tells me that she wants to have a 3-D day, which stands for daddy-daughter-drawing-day. (I know- there are 4 D’s in that one.) this is where I take my kindle, and Jane takes some markers and a drawing pad and we go to a quiet place like Subway, Barnes and Noble or Starbucks, and I read my book, and Jane draws a story about one of her many characters. We usually eat a snack too. I like 3-D time quite a bit.

28. we went to happy hollow!

29. I went to the Malibu Grill. A lot.
my favorite restaurant- Jane and I had lunch there quite a bit during my break and watched a lot of Olympics there too!
30. most importantly, I unplugged.
I turned my e-mail off of my phone. I didn’t go to my office. I didn’t check in at middle school. I hung out with Jane and Deanna. I shared many meals with my friends. I refreshed my body and my heart. now I can’t wait to get back to work!