Wednesday, May 22, 2013

rob's quirks: 5/2013

here are a few little known facts about your pal Rob:

:: most guys have that bed-head-hair in the morning- not me. I never leave the house without showing, shaving and blow drying. ever.

:: I’m slightly color-blind. guess what color I can’t see very well: green.

:: I’m a lefty.

:: I always know what time it is. I make sure that there is a clock within my field of vision at all times. preferably the ones that set themselves and are synced up to each other.

:: I run on the treadmill for an hour a night, 6 days a week. I get soaking wet sweaty, and I wear those dorky toe shoes when I run. and a headband.

:: I have memorized a lot of bible verses, chapters and books. and I plan to learn a lot more. If you see me in my car or walking and talking to myself, that’s probably what I’m doing.

:: I can be terribly socially-anxious. I try to avoid crowds if at all possible. sometimes I have to coach myself and tell myself not to be shy and awkward.

:: in regard to being socially anxious, I prefer to think of myself as a happy introvert. I can go hours (and often do) without saying a word. I feel at home among books and/ or trees.

:: I have weird inner ear tubes. most of the time I don’t hear very well, and a ride on a roller coaster can have me dizzy for hours.

:: I’m on a constant treasure hunt for rare toys for my kid to add to her various collections. unfortunately, the most special ones are the rarest. whenever I’m in a Walgreens, CVS, flea market, or rite aid, I’ll take a look at the toy section before I leave. when I find them, you would think I just discovered gold or something- its so exciting.

:: I have a serious addiction to Pringles, fiber one granola bars, and diet mountain dew. I’m pretty sure that I consume them every day.

:: I’m a dreamer, but I’m also a do-er. I love an accomplished goal. I have a number of to-do lists around me at all times. I constantly update them. I e-mail myself, write notes to myself in my moleskine, and leave myself voicemails. all of those to-dos get moved to a master to-do list that gets slashed with a red sharpie whenever I finish a goal.

:: I’m constantly dreaming up what I’d like to speak on someday. I work super-far ahead so I can dream slower. sometimes I’m sad after the sermons are delivered. they take so long to create, and so little time to say.

:: heights can immobilize me. so can edges. I don’t get it.

:: I don’t eat fruits or vegetables.

:: if I have a plate of food with different kinds of food on it, I eat each kind of food, one at a time; and I don’t like the types of food to touch. people who scoop up 3 different kinds of food onto their spoon and eat them all at once are weird to me. (this one was suggested by my wife).

:: when I was a teenager, I had shoulder-length hair, and played harmonica and sang in my church youth group’s house band. the photos will never see the light of day.

:: 2 years ago I was 50 pounds heavier than I am now. craziness.

:: I have a thing for things being organized. I love it when there is a place for everything, and everything is in its place. I love using my labeler. everything for the youth group is green. all the things for my car are red. everything for my office is black. everything for my campus club is gold. I may be OCD.

:: I’m smell-sensitive, light-sensitive, and temperature-sensitive. I may be a senior citizen.

:: I love California. I love learning about California. I love the California documentaries, and have quite a collection of books on the history of California. Deanna and I have visited every California mission.

:: all of my sermons get filmed, edited, and burned onto a dvd before I deliver them. I use the dvds for when I attend church and I am away from the youth group. at first it was kind of cool, now students are used to it. sometimes I think they prefer the guy on the screen more than the live me!

:: when I was a kid, I was a total comic book geek- and way before it was cool to be one. spider-man was my favorite. I still have a bunch of rare and valuable titles stored away.

:: I don’t talk much- but the following topics can get me chatting quite a bit: star wars, U2, elvis, the quicksilver mines, fun stuff to do in the bay area with kids, bay area sports, dr. seuss, super-heroes, and youth ministry.

:: and last, but not least, if I publish a blog, that usually means that I either had something that I really wanted to say, or I crossed everything off of my to-do list early that day-

I might be a little weird.
God is love.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

history san jose

yesterday, jane had a new game for her Nintendo DS that she was interested in playing, and I had a book that I was interested in finishing- and we had just finished lunch, and we were looking for a quiet, cool spot to have some reading and game time- we were near downtown and I suggested the history park. we went to the candy shop, ordered some ice cream, and were two happy introverts for quiet awhile.

I love the history park. I love local history. Most towns have a museum, San Jose has a neighborhood. They have taken old buildings from days past, and have brought them to Kelly Park and made a neighborhood out of them. When you step into the park its like going back in time. here are some of the parts that we really love:

of course- the candy shop: (these photos were taken a year or so ago)

the candy shop is a part of a bigger building that houses the bookstore, museum, and offices-

we're also big fans of the trolley- which you can ride around the park- there is also a trolley shop that houses lots of old restored trolleys

this is a super-cool spot: a fully restored one-room school house- its rarely open, but when it was, we made sure to check it out!

this park has lots of gardens and houses in it- and each one is its own little museum that is dedicated to an aspect of san jose's past- each one is restored just like it was in the old days. this place is almost never crowded, and its almost always free- its a good spot for a quiet day with the kiddos. they also have parties for veterans and holidays- and this is fun, because a lot of visitors dress up in old uniforms and costumes. you can check out their site here. its cute. and the ice cream is ALWAYS good.

being a dad is fun.