Tuesday, October 30, 2007


tonight, me, justin, justin's wife jen, josh tidwell and jeff went to the hillsong concert in fremont. the band was rocking, the crowd was jumping and all of the sudden, the projector started swaying up and down. i said to josh "whoa!" we made the projector bounce!"
ummm- DER!
rob! the building is like, structurally sound!
you can't make it move by jumping in it!
it was an earthquake!
but we didn't feel it
because we were bopping around to "ONE WAY! JESUS!"
it was the most enjoyable and non-scary earthquake i'd ever been in-
unfortunately, it left the rest of the south bay a little freaked out.
it was a fun concert though-

Sunday, October 28, 2007

enjoy it while you can-

i was walking through vasona park yesterday
with janie in my arms-
we were waiting for the train to start running
and we were looking for a table
to have our mid-morning crackers.
we passed by a lady walking her dog
who smiled and said,
"enjoy it while you can!
she won't let you hold her much longer."
i've been thinking about that a lot lately-
people are big
a lot longer than they are small,
and so small people need to be cherished-
because their smallness doesn't last long.

but that's good advice for a lot of areas of life:
"enjoy it while you can..."
health, wealth, love, your 20's,
your 30's, your career, your kids,
they all are gone way before you are ready
to say goodbye to them.
"enjoy it while you can..."

this is so much fun!

Friday, October 26, 2007


pumpkin farm!

today for daddy-daughter-day,
janie and i went to a pumpkin-farm in morgan hill!

at this pumpkin-farm, we discovered that janie is getting TALL!

we also discovered a pyramid of pumpkins!

and a train!

and a carousel!

and then we got cold and cranky!

so we went to chuck e. cheese where its WARM!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Monday, October 22, 2007

song of the week

here is the song of the week-
from super WHY!

i got to do story-time before bed-time all weekend!
last night she pulled this one off the shelf-

when does next weekend start?!

Friday, October 19, 2007

daddy and me

its been a crazy week
and i couldn't wait for today's daddy-daughter-time.
janie and i got up bright and early
to go to her favorite chuck e. cheese
all the way out in gilroy!
why is it her favorite?
one reason- click below:

after an hour or so of rides, games, snacks,
and performances from chuck and the pizza time band, we went out to check out a pumpkin patch!
where janie said over and over:
"so many pumpkins!"

we came home, had some lunch,
watched our favorite show, super-why
and then she was off to naptime.
but this time, DAD got to read the stories!
I never get to read the stories!
and when it came time for her to pick out a book,
she went over to the bookshelf and pulled off this one:

crazy week? what crazy week?!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

free your secrets

last night jeff and i went to bookshop santa cruz

to hear frank warren

speak about his postsecret books and website.

every week, frank receives thousands of postcards
with secrets on them.
these secrets include confessions, hopes, and fears.
some get posted onto his website-
others get put into his books-
others remain “secret-secrets” because of copyright.
some are scandalous
(so watch out!)
but of course they are!
they wouldn’t be a secret if they weren’t.

frank had a lot to say about the power of secrets
and the power of revealing them-
he had story after story
of how people felt
the freedom to get their secrets out in the open
after viewing the bravery of others
to reveal their secrets to him.

he posts new postcards every sunday
his website get millions of hits a week-
why are we so interested in the secrets of others?
he said that all of us are on a search for grace-
and authenticity-
its ironic that frank would reveal these secrets
on sunday mornings-
a time when so many are looking for grace and authenticity-

he made this point that i found interesting,
and i’ve noticed it myself:
several of the secrets are exactly the same-
the artwork is different,
but the ideas, and often the words are identical.
he made the point that-
we feel that our secrets are making us painfully different
from the others around us-
and therefore we’re afraid to share them.
and the reality is that we have the same secrets-
and if we all got them in the light,
we would realize that we aren’t so strange after all.

he shared a secret of his own-
and he said that as he shares it more and more,
it loses its power, and he begins to control IT,
rather than IT controlling him.

someone asked him if reading all of those secrets
makes the secrets boring or even watered down
and surprisingly, he said yes.
and then he asked,
“isn’t that the point?”
“isn’t that why people share their secrets with me?”
“so that they will lose their power?”

as jeff and i were riding home
we talked about some of the themes that frank talked about:
confession, grace, authenticity,
choosing not to judge, integrity, unconditional love-
and we concluded that frank warren has cashed in on an idea
that is as old as the scriptures-
he’s re-packaging what the scriptures have been telling us
for thousands of years:
“confess your sins
to each other
and pray for each other
so that
you may be

(james 5)

in the words of frank miller:
“free your secrets
and free yourself.”

Monday, October 15, 2007


mom's on a conference call-
dad's at work-
and jane found the marshmallows!

Friday, October 12, 2007

sick day

jw is sick today.
so- instead of invading chuck e. cheese,
we're at home on the sofa while dw is at bible study.
we've done a lot of snuggling,
cereal-eating, dancing, saying our ABC's,
and watching movies.
i've watched 7 baby einstein dvds this morning.

at least its not the wiggles!

i asked her
"janie- are you feeling a little sick?"
and she answered
"feeling very, very, all better!"

get well soon j-dub!

Thursday, October 11, 2007


i've been reading through leviticus lately-
i got to the part about the animal sacrifices,
and it just seemed unfair.
i mean, part of it is sort of beautiful-
people want to show their worship and love for God-
so they take the very best of their flocks
and offer them to God.
and there is this big cookout
and the smoke rises to God
and He enjoys the smell of the barbecue
and the smell of the cooking meat
reminds the entire community that God is happy,
not angry.

but then there is the sacrifices for sin-
and that seems unfair-
a human commits a crime-
and a cow's neck is slit.
a man sins-
and a sheep pays for it.
it seems unfair-
but then again,
grace, by definition is unfair.
grace is when we receive a gift
that we do not deserve.

it reminded me of jesus' wounds and death-
i sinned, He paid for it.
i committed a crime- His body was slain.
i'm the sinner-
He is the lamb that take my sin away.
grace is unfair-
and i'm so grateful for it.

"amazing grace!
how sweet the sound-
that saved a wretch-

"but God demonstrates his own love for us in this:
while we were still sinners, Christ died for us."
-romans 5

Monday, October 8, 2007



Sunday, October 7, 2007

the mlk museum

looking inside mlk's world:

a replica of king's kitchen table where he received a death threat that led to his leadership in the civil rights movement-

his bible and some sermons:

ebenezer baptist church:

his final sermon- the night before he died:

this is his funeral cart-
it was specifically designed like this to represent his work for the poor-

"sleep- sleep tonight
and may your dreams be realized-
if the thunder cloud
passes rain,
so let it rain,
rain on him.
so let it be-
so let it be."

Thursday, October 4, 2007

tell me why, why georgia why

the bad thing about staying in atlanta is that its the headquarters of Coca-Cola. Therefore, there is no pepsi or mountain dew anywhere.
but the good thing is that its in the south and every restaurant serves SWEET TEA! my latest caffeine-obsession.
it was a great day- I heard some great speakers including francis chan, rick warren, andy stanley and shane claiborne. the bad thing was that my bike was ripped off from my house! left-eye...
have a great night!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

georgia on my mind

what a cool day in georgia-
this morning a few of my friends and i went to ebenezer baptist church here in atlanta. its the church that martin luther king preached at each sunday back in the 60's.
the church itself was under construction, but we got to visit a museum dedicated to the civil rights movement. it was really emotional-
we looked at photos, artifacts, video footage- all telling the story.
we felt angry, sad, inspired all at the same time.
all around us was the voice of mlk booming out in his inspriational sermons.
i was reminded of what a heart breaking, and inspiring story his life was.
we saw the carriage that we was carted to his grave in-
his bible,
his speaking notes.
we saw replicas of his dining room table- where many of his sermons were born late at night-
and the jail cell where he wrote his classic "letter from a birmingham jail."
we were all in tears as they showed the footage of his funeral and at the same time playing the audio of his last message where he spoke of how he wanted to be remembered.
we ended our tour at his gravesite.

i called my girl during a break in the conference-
she picked up the phone and shouted "daddy!"
i said "hi janie- how are you?"
she said "janie nuvs daddy."
tear out my heart!
i tried to hold it together but i was almost in tears all over again.
i choked out a "daddy loves janie too."

i knew this trip was going to be like this- all emotional.
last week i got a call from an old friend-
we were just chatting, making small talk when he asked,
"well, how can i pray for you?"
i hadn't been asked that in a long time-
and i was so stressed over so many things-
that i almost cried just sharing with him.

we ended our day at the conference with a message from one of my favorite authors, leonard sweet. it was sweet.
and i got to meet him and tell him how much i have appreciated his books and thoughts.

a binch of people are looking over my shoulder as i write this in the hotel lobby- so i'll have to write more later-

"just an old sweet song-
keeps georgia on my mind..."


midnight train to georgia

i'm in georgia!
i've never been here-
but i've got a lot of songs on my iPod about georgia!
i've been listening to them the entire time.
i'm here for a conference with all of my student ministry staff friends.

in just a few minutes I'll be leaving to visit the church where dr. martin luther king preached each week. i can't believe it.
i've been listening to him on my iPod too.

i'm also looking forward to connecting with my friends steve and laurie.

i miss my fam-
and the time is 3 hours later-
but the hotel is nice and the food is stellar.
have a great day!