Sunday, September 23, 2012

my delights:: 9/23

here is a short list of things I find delightful right now:

1. chip and salsa- I pretty much eat these every day. I can’t get enough! they are like green eggs and ham: “And I would eat them in a boat! And I would eat them with a goat... And I will eat them in the rain. And in the dark. And on a train. And in a car. And in a tree. They are so good so good you see!”

2. running! it has been my goal for a long time to become a runner who enjoys running- and I think I’m there! I have to run off all those chips! I have been doing an hour a night at the gym on the treadmill. I love listening to my iPod, watching the game, feeling the fans cool me off, and not worry about dogs or holes or bugs. here are some delights that go with running:

3. Nike+- I don’t have an iPhone, so I don’t mess with apps that much, but I just recently discovered that my iPod comes with a running app! it keeps track of how far I have run, and it tells me how much time I have covered during my run. it also counts down the minutes and gives me an encouraging pep-talk when my work out is over. then when I plug it into my computer it cheers for me and tracks my distance over time. this thing has helped me run almost more than anything!

4. Fila Skeletoes- these shoes look ridiculous, but they work for me. one of the reasons I never started running is that my shoes always made my feet hurt. I found a good pair that were working for me, and I also found the skeletoes on sale at Ross. I gave them a try and I think I’ll be using them from now on. I never knew that being able to move your toes while running made such a difference! they are great on the treadmill, but I don’t know if I would take these outside-

5. The Who- perfect running music. I listened to these guys religiously in high school, and have recently rediscovered them. now for a few non-running delights:

6. the big bang theory- this is my new favorite show. a friend of mine recommended it to me and now I watch the re-runs every night. it took me awhile to warm up to the characters, but now I love them so much. its all about nerdy guys who loves science, science fiction and comic books; so basically its about me in middle school! I think I'm going to be Sheldon Cooper for Halloween.

7. kindles!- I love reading on my kindle- and I love it even more when it can automatically read my books to me when I’m driving or on a walk. I wish I had these when I was in college, I would have understood a lot more of what I was reading. I think I learn better by hearing than by reading-

8. survival packs- I have these everywhere: little bags of essentials. I have one in my bag, in my car, in my backpack, in deanna’s car, in my office, in my “walking bag;” they have stuff like bandaids, tissues, wet-wipes, chapstick, water, and advil. basically every time I desperately need something and can’t find it, it goes in the bags when I get home. it’s a purse for men.

9. completed projects- I love working with my hands and using my creativity to solve a problem. I love working with Jane on an idea and then bringing it to life- and there is nothing like standing back and admiring a completed project. recently we updated our planter box to make it look like one we saw at the museum, we made a glow in the dark hanging solar system, and we’re always making toys and playsets. for me this is one of the best ways for me to help my mind relax.

10. vasona park/ oak meadow park- I go walking at these two connected parks every morning. we have had so many special memories at this place as a family, and I have had so many meaningful times of bible memory and prayer here too. the beauty and tranquility of this place during the week is breathtaking; and on the weekends, its filled with the sounds of children laughing, trains whistling, and carousel bells ringing. it’s the closest thing that I have ever seen to the jolly holiday scene in mary poppins with its carousel horses, weeping willow trees, rolling hills and green meadows. there is almost no place I’d rather be than in this park with deanna and jane on a picnic, or with a stack of flash cards on a crisp autumn morning.


Wednesday, September 19, 2012


on Sunday morning, I went over to the bathroom at church during the singing time, right before I was scheduled to speak in middle school. when I got into the hallway, I saw one of the students, a young man named justice wandering the halls.

I thought to myself, “he’s not supposed to be wandering the halls! he is supposed to either be with his parents in the service, or upstairs with all of the students!”

so I called out, “JUSTICE! WHERE ARE YOU GOING?!”
but he didn’t even acknowledge me.

so I thought to myself, “I know that walk. he’s upset. why is he upset? is he having a conflict with his family? his friends? is he mad at me? did I say something to him that hurt his feelings?”

so I called out, “JUSTICE! WHAT’S THE MATTER?!”
still no response. he just kept walking.

I thought to myself, “that’s weird. wow- he really is upset. he won’t even talk to me.”
so I kept following him and calling out his name- around one corner, and around another.

and I thought to myself, “now I’M offended! after all we’ve been through as friends, he won’t even turn around when I call him. what is this kid’s problem? I’m just trying to help. He could at least turn around when I call him.”

he went around another corner and sat down in a chair. I caught up to him and shouted out,

and then he looked up, pulled the ear-bud out of his ear and said,
“huh? did you say something?”

he was listening to headphones the whole time.

I said, “why are you sitting here?”
he said, “oh- I’m just waiting for my parent’s bible study to end.”

and I turned around to see the open door of a room full of people praying, and justice’s parents we're there too. they were the only ones looking up at me- and they had one of those embarrassed smiles on their faces. I'm guessing that they heard the whole conversation.

and then I went and spoke in middle school.