Wednesday, June 1, 2011

me and seth

a couple of years ago I wrote a blog about a friend of mine from high school named seth. when I first became a Christian at 16 years old, I needed some new friends quick, and seth and his circle of friends from first baptist were there for me. like I said in the earlier post, seth and his family now attend my home church in san jose. he has been doing a lot of work for the church in helping us remodel and whenever I see him meeting with one of our pastors I always pop mt head into the meeting and say, “if it wasn’t for this guy and his family, I might not have stayed in the church!”

one day seth and his wife came upstars to the middle school ministry. I thought they were there to volunteer. actually, they were there to drop off their son! I said, “you’re old enough to have a junior higher?! that means that I’M old enough to have a junior higher!” for the longest time it was so surreal to see seth’s son at the middle school ministry. this boy’s dad helped me to grow in Christ and now I had the incredible honor of helping seth’s son grow in Christ- its some kind of full circle effect.

for the longest time, seth’s son would get so embarrassed every time I saw him, because I would always say, “this guy's DAD was MY FRIEND when I was a student! I am so grateful for this guy’s dad!”

a few months ago seth’s son came up to me and said, “hey pastor rob? can I ask you a question? would you help me get baptized?” I almost burst into tears. “sure buddy.” I answered. “it would be an honor.” when I talked with seth about the service I asked him if he would join me in the tank in baptizing his son.

seth has 6 kids- all adopted- and that day we baptized 5 of them. when we were back stage I was back there with seth and his kids and there was so much joy in the room. I was thinking about all of the memories that we had and how huge of a moment this was. I wanted to share everything that I was feeling about this family, but for the sake of time I said, “we have 5 brothers and sisters getting baptized this morning with their dad seth. they were all brought together into seth’s family through the miracle of adoption- and by their faith in Christ, they are all brought together with us as our brothers and sisters in Christ, adopted into God’s family.”

this was seriously one of the greatest honors of my 15 years of ministry service.

God is love.