Wednesday, November 28, 2012

space//spirituality 11/28

jane has really been into space lately. she has been fascinated by the moon, the planets, and the stars. we recently made a mobile that has glow in the dark planets, and then a big poster-board overview of the solar system. we have also been watching a lot of movies and tv shows about space.

all of this talk about space has had me interested in space too- and usually when my kid and I are focused on something, it turns into a teaching series for the middle school kids. (these poor kids have had to endure sermons about winnie the pooh, toy story and various dr. seuss stories!)
next year I’m planning a series called “be the moon” that talks about reflecting the light of the Son, and orbiting our lives around Him, recognizing, that we are not the center of the universe. I have been reading and watching lots of documentaries about the moon and space, and it has led me to several conclusions, but here is quick one:

space is huge. like crazy huge. like freaky-huge. to the extent that when you think about it,
the earth is like a




floating through the night sky.
(kind of like the whos in Horton hears a who!- which is another story, sermon and blog all together)

not only that,
but space is filled with lots of stuff.
and lots of stars. lots and lots of stars. too many to count- if you can fathom that. I read recently that the amount of stars in space is equivalent to the amount of grains of sand on the shores of all the beaches on the entire earth. that’s crazy. especially when you consider just how big these stars are and how much light and energy they produce-

and the bible says in psalm 147 that God, “determines the number of the stars and calls them each by name. Great is our Lord and mighty in power; his understanding has no limit.”

So God knows the name and story of every star in the cosmos-
one for each grain of sand of every beach on every coastline-
God has the capacity to know quite a bit!

I recently read an author saying that there is just no way that God could know the story of every person on earth, let alone the story of every person in history-
but -
if God knows all those stars,
knowing all those people must be no problem!
there are way more stars than people!

and I’ve also heard that there is no way to house all of the believers and Christians,
in all of history, in ONE heavenly city;
but when you think about how BIG and VAST space is,
I think God could find the space-

after all, He found a place for all of those stars-
I’m sure that it would be no problem for Him to find a place for you and me-

God is love.

Monday, November 26, 2012

my EIGHT year old.

its so hard to believe that my little girl is going to be eight this sunday! I'm sure that we'll post some photos from her birthday, but until then, here are so memories from her first seven birthdays:

this is from jane's actual BIRTH-DAY- december 2, 2004.

here is my 1 year-old kiddo-
here is a happy 2-year-old with a big box of big legos- which is only a foreshadowing to how much time she would spend building things out of legos!
here is the happy 3-year-old blues-clues fan!

its a jolly holiday for a 4-year-old Mary-Poppins-fan:

high-five for 5- and a year-long nick-name: J5- 

J6 with a new pair of gloves!

6 years old was also our first "friend-party" at the art beat in cambell-


7th birthday cake-
sigh- and now she is going to be EIGHT-

wow. time really flies when you're having the best eight years ever-
being a dad is fun.