Saturday, January 11, 2014

DIY charging station

so- I have this drawer full of charging cables for all of our electronic devices- and every time I got to pull a cable out, its all tangled up with all of the other cables. so I wanted to get a charging station, but one that goes with the decor of our house.I wanted to get a dark brown wood one that would match all of our other stuff from ikea, but I couldn't find one. so first, I got a box from michaels:

then I flipped the box upside down and used my drill, a box cutter, and some sand paper to make little notches for the cables to sit in- I made a bigger notch on the side for the power strip cable to come out of-

then I glued some decorative pieces on the front and sides to make it look a little extra fancy:

then I spray painted the inside-

then the outside-

then I attached some grippy material on the bottom so it wouldn't slip or get messed up-

then after it all dried, I stuck the power stip in the back with velcro, and fit all of the cables in. this was tricky, because some were bigger than others. this photo represents my first attempt. there were a few fixes after this one-

then I screwed a little latch on the side, just in case those bulky cables tried to push the box open-

and then it was all done! I was even able to plug my land line into it-

here are all of our devices getting charged up- now my drawer isn't all messy, and I always know where my phone is!

if you're doing a project like this, make sure you measure your space, and get a box that's tall and wide enough to fit your power strip and your power cables- some of those are really big and take up a lot of space. also- look at thrift sotres and flea markets for good boxes. the michael's one was pretty pricey.
have fun!